The Ultimate Guitar Poster



The Studio Poster by Karl Aranjo is a Must for Every Practice Room and Music Studio!

Imagine having an incredible reference for everything from lead guitar scales to music theory, and much more right in front of you, whenever you need it. Your guitar playing and comprehension of music will soar with just a few weeks of study with your Studio Poster. The GIANT Poster is over 3 feet across and 2 feet high, much larger than an average poster and will become a positive point of focus in your practicing or rehearsal space. Developed by acclaimed author and Berklee College of Music graduate Karl Aranjo with the serious player in mind. A beautiful, high quality print, The Studio Poster is sure to add new depth and meaning to your practice sessions provide you with many insights. Karl Aranjo author of the smash best selling instructional books, Guitar Chord Guru, Guitar Scale Guru, Guitar Buddy has used his extensive training and experience to create a fantastic resource for the serious guitarist, guitar teacher and guitar student alike. Much more than a poster this chart is a wonderful visual organizer, which clearly and beautifully illustrates the core knowledge needed and utilized by a working guitarist to effectively function in the world of music. This amazing resource will provide you with insights and inspirations for many years to come and will help your knowledge of guitar playing and the technical aspects of the fingerboard literally soar.

At last, A New Level of Professional Comprehension is Easily Within the Grasp of Every Practicing Guitarist.

If you’ve ever gone down to the local music store and shelled out anywhere from $25.00 to $50.00 for a confusing and lame brained lesson complete with the amateurish pencil scribbles on a scrap of paper torn out of a notebook you are not alone! This was poster was created specifically for you -a serious player with the desire to learn and not waste valuable practicing time. For less than the cost of one lesson with the local teacher you can own Karl Aranjo’s amazing guitar poster which will give you a excellent visual reference for the most important knowledge a needed by today’s player: Complete Notes Illustrated On Fingerboard. Complete Notes Transcribed In Tab & Traditional Notation. Reference For Circle Of 5ths, Key Signatures & Relatives. Reference For Basic 3 And 4 Part Diatonic Harmony Needed And Used By Songwriters. Killer Jazz Chord Reference Charts That Cut Through The Bull. Legendary CAGED System For Major & Minor Scales. Standard Fingering Indications. Five Most Essential Lead Guitar ARPEGGIOS In The Two Variations Required For Advanced Playing. Multi Position Study Of The WHOLE TONE SCALE. Multi Position Study Of The DIMINISHED SCALE. All Time Classic Chords. Encyclopedic Reference Of Open String Chords. Open Scales Which Serve As The Basis Of The Legendary CAGED System And More ! !


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