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The book is all about scales, how to play them & what to call them. Included is a detailed examination of all the essential theory involved with playing and writing contemporary guitar music in the most musical and logical way possible. When you’re interested in some particular scale, application or theoretical concept, look it up in the huge table of contents. This allows you to return to your business without getting hooked into some structured series of method books that don’t fit in with your style,or that are of little of no interest to you as a busy player. We’re confident you will benefit from our tireless efforts to give you the best possible printed material . Guitar Scale Guru has become an international best seller and industry standard. Written by Karl Aranjo

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Learning Scales Quickly

This book is designed to unlock the secrets of playing guitar scales. If you are looking for a book to learn scales quickly, then you should look at this book.
Any book or magazine has a built in level of appeal…Mass market Guitar Magazines for example are aimed at new & intermediate level players. In time, you’ll notice much information is being repeated in a similar form -Maybe one column to keep the advanced player interested.
That being said, this book is designed as a learning tool. Sure, a veteran player may say, I know this stuff. Any player will find this a nice tool.  Amazon User The Shade

Understand Scales In One Evening

The magic in this book is understanding scales – not just following TAB charts.I have struggled with other books on scales and gotten no place. Fretboard note charts never made sense. After just one hour with this book – I can play scales off fretboard charts. Its taught using a simple Do, Re , Mi method that’s easily picked up. The circle of fifths is easily explained. Scales are clearly presented and explained. And standard notation is taught right with TAB!  A Customer

Have You Plateaued?

Then get this book. I’ve been playing for years and I’ve bought a lot of books. This is THE best one I’ve ever bought. It explains things from a guitar players point of view. It makes sense. You know how it is when you get to where you can play alright and you just get lazy. This will re-ignite your desire to learn and practice. I’m about to order the chord version of this book. ( I just thought I’d write a quick review while I’m here. ) I’m serious guys. This one is worth the money.  Jeff Dumas



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