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Easy To Use World Class Chord Book.


Perfect for teachers and students, this book covers critical chord concepts, theory and applications, all in a logical and easy-to-use way. Includes information on basic open string chords, barre chords, jazz chords, chord substitutions, and much more, with lots of clear drawings and charts covering all the essential theory and tons of the type of  pro level information needed by today’s teachers and students!  Written by Karl Aranjo.

Readers always give 5 stars:

A Must For Every Guitarist & Teacher

The methods in this book are straight forward and logical, they will teach you to play Chords in most all positions and transpose then to various keys. Chord progressions are discussed thoroughly enough, whilst the theory is a little “light”, it covers the major topics well and puts them into practice. If you want more theory, there are better, albeit more boring books to be had.Chord diagrams are plentiful, and how to play their inversions, sus’, diminished, augmented and add 5,7,9,11,13 chords are all covered. I especially liked the the 5th and 6th string root note method Karl demonstrates to locate chords on the fret board.
This is a great companion book to his “Guitar Scale Guru”. You should be able to combine your scales with these chord progression and knowledge to make music satisfying. This book is great for beginners, although, it may seem intimidating at first, or for seasoned players who want to brush up on some chord theory at a leisurely pace. Amazon User A Guitar Pundit 

Best Chord Book By Far

I have played guitar for a few years now but I never had a lesson. Basically, I learned everything by ear and by reading guitar tab on the internet. I have read a few books on guitar chords but this one by far is the best! Despite it’s plain design, this is the best guitar chord book I have read so far and it has helped me learn more about the guitar then I thought I ever would. In addition, if you buy this book do yourself a favor and also purchase the Guitar Guru Scale book…you will not regret it!  Andy Glover


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