Guitar Buddy. A Fast, Fun & Easy Way To Learn Great Sounding Guitar!



This book is a fun, easy and highly effective method for quickly learning to play the great sounding guitar music of our day. As a pure  music book, it  is a radical departure and an innovative improvement over manuals about playing the guitar. Quickly learning how to play great sounding guitar is possible, fun and highly educational. Guitar buddy yields astonishing results with keen insights into the actual craft of writing and making music and is the only method available with a live, interactive website dedicated to your success! When you log on to our website, you’ll find scores of animations, videos, diagrams and sound files which will make playing and learning an ever more exciting interactive experience.  Read our 5 star reviews:

Best Beginners Book I’ve Read

I started learning guitar around 6 months ago. I have bought several learning guitar books in that period which had useful sections but could never get through a whole book. My guitar teacher recommended this book and it has become my favorite beginner book by far. The sections are short and easy to understand. The music selections are interesting to play and more importantly, FUN. The lessons follow a logical progression and you build upon each one. However they also can stand alone so if you prefer to skip around, it is possible.  I’d say out of at least 5 learning guitar books I own, this one gets used 90% of the time. – Amazon Customer Sharkbites

Best Books On The Market!

I buy a lot of guitar books and unfortunately most are a waste of time especially those claiming to be for beginners….95% of them are boring and I end up becoming discouraged by how boring they are. I started taking lessons about a year ago and my teacher recommended I buy the Chord & Scale Guru books also written by Karl Aranjo. Honestly these are by far the best books you can buy!!! The information is relevant and fun to learn….I just got this one in the mail yesterday and read it from cover to cover… I’m ready to get started working through it! I love these books! – Amazon Customer 18th Letter


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