Cool Chords Learning And Using The First Position Chords



If you are just learning the guitar, or are involved in teaching the guitar, Cool Chords is a fresh approach to learning the art of popular and rock guitar playing. If you re studying modern guitar, truly informative and effective instructional books are few and far between. Many written during the 1960 s guitar craze are still on the shelves with fresh new covers but the same old stuff between those nice new covers. This truly new book shows you how to cut through the bull and includes all the new, modern and cool sounding chords that you hear in your favorite music, today s music. Once you learn the chords, you immediately learn what to do with them by jamming with one of the 57 studio quality CD tracks on the accompanying audio disc. If you want to learn guitar to, have fun, get in a band or simply want to play great rhythm guitar, this is the book you’ve been looking for!

5 Star Reviews:

Cool For Kids

Like all other books by Karl Aranjo, it is original in its educational approach. This book was written for the consumption of young guitar players and therefore it was written with them in mind. I am an avid reader (an user) of Karl’s guitar books, and I can attest to the educational quality they bring. This book is no different. It is directed to children, trying to keep and maintain their interest in playing the guitar.  I recommend this book and Karl’s other books to any one who is really serious in learning how to play the guitar. I know, I am using all of them.  Amazon Customer

Great Book For Beginners!

this book is meant for beginners like myself and really helps you learn chords!! Amazon Customer D-X Files


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