Musicians Terminology:


Most traditional musical notation indications are written in the Italian language. Sometimes, there's some goofy stuff written in there like "hypnotically" or "magically" -that stuff is usually in English. Below we've listed many of the terms you're likely to see.

accelerando -Increase the speed.

atempo -With the beat. After a tempo change or a pause, an indication to play the original beat used at the beginning of a song.

fermata -A pause. The fermata ususally ends with a cue.

rallentando -Slow down a little bit. (rall.)

rubato -The tempo is free to speed up and slow down for dramatic or some other musical effect.

M.M. -Metronome Marking or Maezals' Metronome, take your pick, it's the number which tells you the number your metronome should be set to.ritard -Slow down more than a little bit. (rit.)

The metronome marking usually tells you how fast speed your metronome should click in terms of quarter notes, one beat, and how many of these quarter notes come in one munute. For example a Metronome Marking of 60 beats per minute would be written like this:

-click on any Metronome Marking below and you'll be able to hear the speed of the Metronome Marking.

Standard Indications For Tempo

Grave -Very, very slow.

Largo -Broad and very slow.

Adagio -slowly.

Lento -sort of slow.

Andante -moderate movement, walking speed.

Moderato -moderately fast, brisk.

Allegretto -fast, but not quite an Allegro.

Allegro -fast.

Vivace - very fast.

Presto - totally fast.

Click On Any M.M. and hear the correct tempo.


ppp -triple piano (as soft as possible)

pp -double piano (very soft)

p -piano (means soft)
mp -mezzo piano (medium soft)
m -mezzo (means medium)
mf -mezzo forte (medium loud)
f -forte (means loud)
ff -double forte (very loud)

fff-triple forte (extremely loud) exclusive!!!

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