The Quality of a chord is the general, overall sound it makes. The chords we've studies so far are all Major chords. The sound of a Major chord is full, bright, powerful and strong. If you wanted to write a happy song you'd probably start with a Major chord.
Every Major chord has its dark side, a cousin with a completely different personality called a minor chord. Minor chords sound gloomy, mournful or mysterious. Most sad songs start with a minor chord.

As you begin your ear training with the minor chord sound strum and slowly pick each individual note of the chord, correcting any 'dead' notes.

By freely experimenting, a guitarist can make any single chord sound good, all by itself. The results of these experiments often conjure up the mood for a great song. Invest your time on this page by checking out the sound, and feel of each minor chord pictured. Change from one to the other, or jam out on just one of the minor chords for a while.


Enjoy playing and jamming out on the minor chords or simple combinations of the minor chords, its a good a good way to be musical. Always breath life and rhythm into the music your making.
While reading the 'charts' below listen to the guitar on the track and 'lock in' with it. As you play, you 'lock in' by counting beats and feeling like a part of the music.


Before you go make sure you have the main points of the lesson;

  • 1) The term "CHORD QUALITY" or the flavor of a chord.
  • 2.) The difference between the happy, bright quality of the major chord versus the sad, dark quality of the minor chord.
  • 3.) Spend time with minor chords, picking and strumming for the fun of it -discovering how to make your own kind of music. Enjoy this minor chord sound.
  • 4.) Here the fun is to play in sync with the musical backgrounds.

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