The Cadence . . .
The essence of guitar music is how chords fit together, the way that a certain series of chords just sounds good. Sounding good means that a feeling of rest and resolution is produced simply by switching chords. This feeling of release, sort of like a musical homecoming, is called a cadence. Let's learn a new chord, "D" and make some music with this new chord and the A chord we learned in the last lesson.
Play Along Exercise . . .

All music is based on cadences. The way that chords fit together and magically make sense to our ears is a big part of the game of the music. As you master this exercise use the pictures to help you think of and remember just how you're going to do the beautiful little finger dance that is the ?D? to ?A? transition. Notice fingers 1 & 2 neatly lined up on FRET II as you play the D. As fingers 1 & 2 converge on the A chord finger 3 simply moves over and back by one fret. As a guitar student it?s good to think of everything with this type of detail. This kind of thinking helps you appreciate what's difficult and what's easy about playing.

There is also a very specefic rhythm indicated: Stuo beat one, and then count "2, 3, 4". The way to do this is count every beat as it goes by. To be thorough, make sure you've successfully done the transition a number of times without the USE OF THE PHOTOS OR DIAGRAMS.

Here you want to smoothly and rhythmically play the chord progressions on these pages, doing your own thing and hearing the logical, musical feelings of cadencing -what musicians call tension and release. Play these chords over and over, experimenting. Do your own thing and make your own kind of music. Hear these chords as fitting together.

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