First Things First....
All guitar playing, and modern music in general, ultimately revolve arounds knowing anp playing chords. Your first step should be to learn the basic, common knowledge, household chords. To learn them you need to be able to read and play the standard chord graphs used in all guitar books and magazines. Study these images below and you'll quckly know the worlds' most used guitar chords!

All Time Classic Chords . . .
Below are the 15 All Time Classic Chords. Thease are the same chords all of your guitar heroes picked up when they were learning. It's these basic chords which will be most oftenly used, in many different forms and combinations, throughout your playing career. Many of our favoerite Pop, and Rock Songs derive their entire musical substance from just two or three of these chords. Learn them and know them well. It's fun, easy and excellent practice.

These chords are all diagramed and photographes three separate ways in Guitar Buddy; The User Friendly Way To Learn Great Guitar the book/ CD set from which this lesson was created.


This lesson is all about familiarizing you with the process of reading standard guitar illustrations and memorizing the all time classic Chords. These chords should be practiced with patience and pacing. With about 10 to 15 minutes of practice every day you could memorize them all in a matter of days

Guitar Buddy.

There's a great old saying that goes like this: "If you give someone a fish he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime." To you, as a guitarist, it means this: learn a song and then play it for a few weeks, learn how music how music works and then play forever. This book teaches you how guitar music works.
In recent history music education has become a highly developed art. Guitar Buddy is the first and only guitar book written from the perspective of someone who understands this beautiful art. Guitar Buddy puts you in touch with the music maker inside of you, awakening him. is proud to be the publisher and exclusive distributor of this remarkable new book. Guitar Buddy; The User Friendly Way To Learn Great Guitar and companion C.D. is only $22.00 plus shipping and handling. CLICK HERE for a safe, secure transfer.

This incredibly well thought out and highly developed learning system was developed by Berklee College Of Music graduate and widely respected author Karl Aranjo. (A system written for you, the student with a desire to really learn.) You'll receive a companion C.D. with 75 recorded examples of the highest quality. These tracks are all done with the sound of a full band to get you immediately into the game, playing and making real music from day one.
This learning system also contains an exciting new edcational methodology called the Music Acquisition Device. All musical works are made up of smaller parts or phrases which are then combined into songs. The Music Acquisition Device shows you how these pieces and how they fit together. This breaks guitar music down into fun, easy, great sounding play along tracks which you'll love to listen to and chime in with.

Guitar Buddy; The User Friendly Way To Learn Great Guitar and companion C.D. is only $22.00 plus shipping and handling.