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Mission Statement…..

GuitarU.com is a distance learning program providing professional quality, first rate information to those with a desire to learn the art of guitar playing. These total and complete courses are multimedia, interactive, music education experiences. Virtual training which is unique, effective, thorough and remarkably complete. We believe the GuitarU.com on line, distance learning opportunity is one of the most informative and useful courses a serious guitar student can find anywhere ay any price. Our goal is to provide, at minimal cost, world class information, top level training, a music school experience and real world playing skills to all those with a true to desire to learn to play this beautiful instrument on a professional level. At GuitarU.com we hope to meet our goals through active dialogue with our students, and continually refining and improving our program of musical training. Our mission is to break down barriers, demystify the music school experience and put true knowledge, information and power directly into the hands of anyone willing to study and practice. We stand firmly against any sort of elitism, snobbery or exclusionary practices many fall victim to in their personal educational journeys. Our primary concerns are the quality of the learning experience and complete customer satisfaction.

About The Site…..

GuitarU.com is the creation of Karl Aranjo, a professional guitarist, author and educator residing in Southern California. Mr. Aranjo is the author of six widely acclaimed, bestselling instructional books, Guitar Buddy, The Working Musicians Dictionary Of Terms, Cool Chords, Blueprint For Hot Guitar, Guitar Chord Guru and Guitar Scale Guru. A graduate of Berklee College Of Music and protégé of the late William G. Leavitt, Mr. Aranjo has studied with some of the best in the business including Tony Mottola, Jim Kelly, Larry Baione, Ted Greene and Robert Conti. Karl is leader of the busy working Jazz Attack Band, and is a highly sought after private teacher. In addition to his Berklee degree in musical performance Mr. Aranjo holds degrees in Psychology and Education. And has taught in a myriad of professional settings, many of his former students are top call, successful professionals and famous recording artists. This study program is developed out of a desire to bring this specialized knowledge to those who thirst for it. All courseware, educational material and musical content was created for this site over a period of many years and is the original work and sole property of the author, Karl Aranjo.

Join Us…..

Thanks for your interest in the GuitarU.com distance learning opportunity. If you’re longing to really study the guitar, our courseware will help break down the barriers presented by logistics, finances and time. By enrolling in GuitarU.com you are becoming part of us, helping us in our mission to further the art of guitar playing and making superior training available to you and to many others just like you. Those who want, need and deserve a quality education but for one reason or another a big time guitar school is just not in the cards. We believe the GuitarU.com program is not only one of the most incredible learning systems out there today but it is undoubtedly the most cost effective. We are confident that GuitarU.com rivals or exceeds any professional level training you may find, easily besting the ridiculously expensive material found on the web sites of big time music schools and famous artists.



“My first experience with the guitar was taking lessons from Karl Aranjo as a high school student. His lessons were more than just a collection of tips and riffs: they were a method. As I look through GuitarU.com, I get to take a trip back through those lessons and am reminded about I loved about them. His strong focus on the fundamentals quickly draws a connection between general music theory and the particulars of how that theory can be applied to the guitar, even allowing us as guitarists to use our instrument as an abacus-like tool to enhance our musical insight. In high school, Karl’s lessons got me up to speed to jam with my friends and in the school band almost immediately. In the almost 20 years since I left high school and had my last lesson with Karl, the things he taught me have continued to serve me well; I’ve played almost continuously in a variety of styles (jazz, rock, funk, folk), both as a hobby and as a part-time professional (currently playing with San Francisco’s Smash-Up Derby). If I hadn’t grown up in the same town as where Karl taught, I might have missed out on a lifetime of fun playing the guitar. With GuitarU.com, wherever you are, you can benefit from the same quality instruction that I had!

-Grahm Ruby

“Mr. Karl Aranjo is one great teacher to work with. When working with him, he is very flexible, and will teach you all the basics and fundamentals you will need while learning how to play the guitar. From learning basic chords to crazy licks and solo’s. You will become an expert in no time and looking like a professional guitar player. In my experience, I learned to master chord progressions much easier and understand it in a better perspective. In my music career/hobby, it has given me nothing but success to play in a band as a front man/rhythm guitarist, compose my own type of music, and as well as songs that I really wanted to learn how to play on the guitar. Learning through Karl Aranjo was a great experience and has helped me understand the guitar a lot easier, I would not have wanted this learning experience any other way.”

-Julius Isaac

“I had the pleasure of being a guitar student of Karl’s for several years. Karl advanced my playing ability a great deal very quickly by giving me a perfect combination of guitar technique, theory and assigning songs that motivated me to continue learning. I highly recommend Karl for all level of guitar players no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.”

-Tom Hunt

”Karl Aranjo is a great and experienced teacher with an extensive knowledge of guitar playing and theory. His thorough online course, GuitarU.com covers the whole spectrum from the first time beginner to advanced.”

Blake Aaron- Internationally Known Recording Artist

”Karl helped me dive into the blues when I was first starting out, and learning how to improvise opened up many doors for me on guitar. He has a vast knowledge ranging many musical styles, and i would recommend him to anyone trying to learn the instrument!”

Eric Cannata Young The Giant