Power Chords

In this set of exercises you’ll learn a little more about using the Power Chords and exploring the following important points.

  • Power Chords, although small, provide a big, yet focused sound.
  • All time classic rhythm guitar moves associated with the Power Chords.
  • Learning to name, visualize and play Power Chords in various spots on the neck.
1.Expand Your Power Chord Vocabulary



Many guitar songs start and end on the all important E chord, such songs are usually in the Key Of E. Typically, a great wrong song can be written with just three chords -and a great strum. Use these ‘sound check’ exercises to work on playing what you hear.

In the Key Of E the three most important chords are: E, A, & B. In your Guitar Buddy, book you learned to convert the plain old E Major & A Major into 2 note power chords, sometimes called E 5 & A 5 respectively. Use the illustrations below to review the E 5 & A 5 power chords and also to practice and learn a new power chord, B 5. As you play perform the sound check on each chord to makle sure you learn the sound of each chord as well as how to grab the power chords. These power chords rely on just two strings to achieve that killer rock sound, in the illustrations below those two notes are highlighted in pink to help you pick the chords properly.

2.Classic Rhythm Guitar Moves

The Blue Note…

budch2eWhen playing in Key Of E be sure to try and use the Blue Note, in this case a “G” natural, found on fret III of the thickest string. This Blue Note is a very hot sounding and user friendly note as we’ll see in the

recorded example below. Get use to pouncing on or grabbing the Blue Note from the E power chord using the second finger. This veru important note, called a Blue Note is central to the Rock style.

I Love Three Chord Rock

3.Playing And Naming Power Chords

To a large degree, learning the guitar means learning, playing and memorizing the names and locations of certain chords. The shape of the E 5 power chord is the basis for many other chords, when this basic shape is moved to different locations on the neck. Watch the animation below a couple of times before attempting to play along with the acxompanying track.

just like the E 5, the shape of the A 5 power chord is the basis for many other chords, when this basic shape is moved to different locations on the neck. Watch the animation below a couple of times before attempting to play along with the acxompanying track. Memorize the names and locations of each of the power chords on this page, they’ll come up over and over again.

Guitar Buddy.


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Guitar Buddy; The User Friendly Way To Learn Great Guitar and companion C.D. is only $22.00 plus shipping and handling.


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