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1Theory And Songwriting          Theory And Songwriting -Full Course

The essential and pro-level Music Theory, written specially for guitarists, and condensed into 21 easy to follow and understand interactive lessons. You will gain a high degree of musical literacy and leasrn how to write, analyze and understand chords, keys, scales, cadences, transposing, secondary dominants, substitute dominants and so much more. Superior to pricey courses offered at or through musical trade schools and colleges.  Full length multi-media guitar lessons and music theory instruction.

2Pro Chords         Pro Chords -Full Course         

A complete study in all the chords, chord voicings, chord tricks, theory, fingerings positioning and guitar lessons needed by today's guitarist. In addition to exploring the mechanics and memorization of all essential chords, the uses and applications of these chords is discussed in great detail. As with all our courses, the interactive graphics, movies and sound files bring the material to life and are second to none.

3Super Scales         Super Scales -Full Course            

To a large extent learning the guitar, and music in general, means learning to play and understand scales. A firm grasp of scale theory and practical applications of that theory is absolutely critical to your success as a musician. Our one of a kind scales course and guitar lessons have received rave reviews from teachers and students alike because it fun, informative and is full of unique and interesting exercises, concepts and techniques.

4Big League Lead Guitar          Big League Lead Guitar -Full Course     

This is a fresh and completely new approach to lead guitar playing and musical improvisation because we center our studies and guitar lessons on the art and craft of music making. This is not a "secret" picking method of the worlds' shredders nor is it a listing of scales and speed exercises. This course teaches the solid principles of musicianship and improvisation once only available to those who had the time and money to attend a prestigious music school. If your studying to be a real musician, making music your own way, this is the lead guitar course for you!

5Reading Rescue         Reading Rescue -Full Course      

This multi-media, no nonsense reading course is the sight reading study modern guitar teachers and students have only been dreaming about. Full of graphics, videos and play along animations this reading course will get you up and running in less time than you thought possible. Fun, informative and entertaining, this material is superior to the reading courses that big time music schools, with big time fees, have published on line.

6General Knowledge         General Knowledge -Full Course        

A breif survey of key vocabulary, symbols, markings, indications and essential terminology.

7Beginners Course                 

All musicians need a solid course in the fundamentals and modern guitarists are no exception, the only problem is that virtually every beginning guitar book is exactly the same the next 1950's era beginning guitar book -all the major publishers just rehash and republish Mel Bay volume 1. Our entry level material has been sold throughout the world for many years, is a guitar teachers dream and is the fast, fun and easy way to develop the guitar skills you need to be a player in today's' world.




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